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Death In June – The Guilty Have No Paste (Bootleg)

Artist -  Death In June
Album -  The Guilty Have No Paste  (Bootleg)
Jahr - 1984
Genre - New Wave / Neofolk
Land -  England

Death In June hat ein paar Bootlegs, CD´s und Videos auf ihrer Webseite zum gratis Download gestellt.
Zu finden unter NEWS, am besten dort mit "free" suchen..

"Complete gig recorded live at the Clarendon Hotel, London, December 17th, 1984.
Support bands were The Joy Of Life and In The Nursery.
The original gig was planned for December 7th (as stated on the flyers), 1984, but due to the ticket demand the gig was played 10 days later to have a bigger hall at the Clarendon."

01 Rain Of Despair
02 Carousel
03 C'Est Un Rêve
04 Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
05 Doubt To Nothing
06 The Calling
07 She Said Destroy
08 Heaven Street
09 Last Farewell

Download  96,0 MB (Rapidshare)
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