Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Evestus - No God : Dissecting Faith

Artist - Evestus
Album - No God : Dissecting Faith
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Elektro Rock / Industrial Rock
Land - Estland

evestus ist ein post-industrial elektronic-rock-band aus tallin estland bestehend aus evestus (gesang), john baptist (gitarre), jan talts (bass) und tanya m61 vulcan (drums)

o-ton album:
"the "no god" era (2012 - 2014) was a very difficult time for the band and for me personally. the themes touched on the initial ep showed their true meaning and character to me after their official release. as if i cursed myself by writing these songs.. some cruel fate made me live through each one of them and find the true meaning behind the idea of "no god". unfortunately this journey has been too devastating and exhausting for me to have had the time and energy to share it with you.. thus i've been a recluse for the last few years.. more so than usual even for me.. but i want to move on. leave this all behind me. and i figured if an ep is what got me into this shit, than maybe another symbolic release can get me out of it. this must sound psychotic and i don't even want to read back what i've written.. but it really has come to this. perhaps you'll find what i mean between the lines here.. i just want to be free from this curse.. i just want to move on.. i already have a to-do list ready and waiting. and i can't wait to get to it!"

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt.

01. There Is No God (covered by Gnawer) 02:06
02. No God (Video Version) 04:15
03. The Whole Goddamn 03:15
04. No God (Freakangel Remix) 04:15
05. No God (Chaos Royale Remix) 04:31
06.No God (Recycled Remix by i!) 06:23
07. Faith Dissected 03:57
08. Another Lie 03:56
09. No God (DND Remix) 05:08
10. No God (Supapyx Remix) 08:11
11. Voices (Chaos Royale Remix) 06:01
12. No God (Chaos Royale Remix - Speakerkiller edit) 04:33
13. No God - Dissecting Faith Video-Album Teaser
14. Sleep Forever (Official Music Video 2012)
15. The Fall - Teaser - (Video Out Now)
16. This Is Dramacore - promo
17. Voices (Official Music Video) 2012

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