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Halo Effect - Life is remixed (Volume 3)

Artist - Halo Effect
Album - Life is remixed (Volume 3)
Jahr - 2017
Genre - Electro / EBM
Land - Italien

"halo effect" ist eine italenische synthpop, ebm, industrial, darkwave band die 2001 gegründet wurde..

"Halo Effect – Life is remixed
Starting from the 6th February 2017, the 3 cd remix album is available. All the original tracks are taken from the album “Life Is Perfect”, been out in 2015 for the Space Race Records. The remixes are made by bands such as Beborn Beton, Neuroactive, , Retrogramme, Substaat, Red Mecca, just to name a few, and also well known international techno djs as Norman Nodge, Falhaber, Mantra of Machines, etc…
We would like to thank all the artist that have made this huge work possible. Furthermore we’d like to thank them for their willingness and professionalism.
The album will be completely in free download (many thanks to Space Race Records/EK Product) on our bandcamp site at the link haloeffectofficial.bandcamp.com
The albums are mastered by Rob Early and the artwork is by Jenny Biermann. "

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das coole remix album als free-download nach eingabe eurer e-mail-adresse wird euch der download-link zu gesendet.
hier ist eile geboten, da nur die ersten 200 download's gratis sind.!!!!

01. The Game Of Life (SiSTAL remix) 06:19
02. Alone (Hypnotic remix by Mantra of Machines) 05:20
03. White Flag (Alinep remix) 06:52
04. White Flag (SiSTAL remix) 06:53
05. Hardcore (Crunch mix by Liquid G.) 04:22
06. Hardcore (XSRY remix) 05:11
07. The Secret I Know (Error Trail remix by Matt Tdk aka MSQ) 04:51
08. Teddy Boy (Rework remix by Red Mecca) 03:48
09. Among The Flowers (Orchestral mix by Chemical Waves) 04:15
10. Among The Flowers (Resistor remix) 04:04
11. Skyline (Hypnotic remix by Mantra of Machines) 04:35
12. Wintery Fall (Icy mix by People Theatre) 04:40

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