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V.A. - Music for the Murdered

Artist - V.A.
Album - Music for the Murdered
Jahr - 2017
Genre - Dark Elektro / EBM / Industrial
Land - Schweden

Brutal Resonance ist ein aus göteborg, schweden stammendes e-zine welches ihren focusing auf ebm, electro, industrial und gothic hat und ist seit april 2009 online.

o-ton album:
"We at Brutal Resonance are proud to present our special, free monthly compilation for October "Music for the Murdered"! We set out to grab a bunch of horror inspired songs, and the results were more than fantastic. From Nature of Wires' sinister cinematic track 'I Am In Hell (Help Me)' to Nightcrawler's - toted as being the Spanish John Carpenter - 'Blood Rage', we set our eyes on new and exclusive songs for your Halloween playlists.

Whether you're looking for pulse pounding hard electro with Exemia's 'Honey, I'm Home!' or searching for spooky synths with Neuron Spectre, DreamReaper, or Synthryder, you can't go wrong. Industrial clashes on the album with appearances from Droid Sector Decay, Skinfick, and Night Terrors. But with twenty tracks in total, it's almost impossible to list them all - get listening and start discovering. We got a real treat for you this time - or it a trick? Only one way to find out!

All proceeds from this album will be going towards Bat World Sanctuary, Inc., an organization founded in 1994 that rescues hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. "

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das hammer teil als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen.

01. Exemia - Honey, I'm Home! 05:21
02. Nature of Wires - I Am In Hell (Help me) 03:51
03. Neuron Spectre - This Face 03:47
04. Nightcrawler - Blood Rage 04:17
05. DreamReaper - The Summoner 05:16
06. neon shudder - The Deadlights 03:15
07. Skinflick - The Dead Insane 04:48
08. Synth Ryder - Shadow Walker 04:21
09. Sophomore - Suicide Fantasy 03:04
10. Neuroc - Hell On Wheels 06:25
11. Droid Sector Decay - A Dark Deity of Grotesque 05:04
12. Six Leaves Left - Memories 03:44
13. Night Terrors - Lam (Entity Mix) 03:45
14. Atium - Diamond Cut 03:08
15. Chmcl Str8jackt - House Upon The Hill 04:20
16. Profondo Delle Tenebre - Beyond The Void 05:20
17. Teeth Crack - Cloaked 03:59
18. Vampire Knight - Satanic Panic (Brutal Mix) 02:54
19. Tublushi - Goddamn Vampire 02:38
20. Videogram - Hawkins National Laboratory (Outro) 06:06

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