Montag, 27. Mai 2013

V.A. - Gothic Rock Around The World III

Artist -  V.A.
Album -  Gothic Rock Around The World III
Jahr - 2013
Genre - Gothic-Rock / Post Punk
Land -  Brasilien

sampler der brasilanischen gothic & ambient independent netlabel sombrati records.

dieses ist mitlerweile der 3te sampler der " Gothic Rock Around The World " serie.

auf der hompage des labels findet ihr noch weitere alben des labels als kostenlose downloads, bzw. auf ihrer

01. Pazz Kluger - Karma Stay Away [United States]
02. Exit Strategy - Baptism Of Fire (feat William Westwater, Fear Incorporated) [Wales]
03 Un-Muerto - Ojos de Cristal [Mexico]
04 Arts of Erebus - Death Shall Have No Dominion (Vocal Mix) [France]
05 Das Projekt - The War Against Gibeon [Brazil]
06 Horse and Hattock - Dead Eyes (feat Kell Kill) [United Kingdom]
07 Rose Inferni - El Ocaso [Peru]
08 Signo XIII - Armísticio [Brazil]
09 The Drowning Season - The Tempest [United States]
10 Cold Remembrance - Closure [Greece]
11 Quasimodo - Soldier of Love [United Kingdom]
12 Rot On The March - To Joyful & Mad [Russia]
13 Remain In Light - Prey Red [Greece]
14 Last Dusk - Wanderlust [Costa Rica]
15 Les Modules Etranges - NAA [France]
16 Elegy of Madeline - Entrance to the Crypt [United States]
17 Flowers of Evil - Goodbye Angelica [Cuba]

Download  165,8 MB (one-klick-hoster) oder hier.

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