Montag, 1. Juni 2015

V.A. - Bolivia Goth Vol. 1

Artist - V.A.
Album - Bolivia Goth Vol. 1
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Post Punk / Gothic-Rock / Deathrock / Darkwave
Land - Bolivien

bolivia goth ist eine ende 2007 gegründettes projekt, collective um bands der bolivianischen gothic bewegung ein portal zu bieten um ihre musik zu verbreiten.
der vorliegende sampler enthält aufnahmen der letzten 20 jahre der bolivischen gothic bewegung.

"this compilation presents part of the musical history of the bolivian goth built by different artists over the past two decades, here you can find protogoth bands as autorev, ciudad líquida and le vow. the neoclassical darkwave, expressed in the sounds of dreams of crow, de profundis, la sociedad de las almas negras and zoofilia, necrofilia y asereth. the style of anfisbena, espuria, belle mystère, lune de minuit, shows the goth rock, deathrock, and darkwave trends. each one of these artists reveal darkness in their sound and a unique musical personality.

through this compilation album you will enter into fantastic and real scenarios, worlds that turn into something personal and ethereal, where the deepest emotions are diluted to lead to memories, melancholy or madness."

01. Autorev - Mundo Perfecto 06:09
02. Autorev - Introspección 05:09
03. Ciudad Líquida - Los Días de mi Muerte 03:23
04. Ciudad Líquida - Ciudad Líquida - En Mí 03:59
05. Le Vow - Turnish Twilight 03:25
06. Le Vow - Vertigo 04:39
07. Lune de Minuit - Demain Berlin (Cover a Guerre Froide) 04:51
08. Anfisbena - Antikarma 03:26
09. Espuria - Croares y Croares 03:28
10. Espuria - Ófrica La Paz 04:16
11. Belle Mystère - Marian (Cover a The Sisters of Mercy) 05:36
12. Síndrome - Nébula 02:21
13. De Profundis - Ascending Darkness 05:26
14. La Sociedad de las Almas Negras - Esa Criatura sin Ojos 03:57
15. Dreams of Crow - Dies Irae 05:29
16. Dreams Of Crow - La Fin de la Lune 04:32
17. Zoofilia, Necrofilia y Asereth - Mamá, Frío y Miedo 03:44

Download 155,6 MB (one-klick-hoster)
Download 155,6 MB (one-klick-hoster)
Download 155,6 MB (one-klick-hoster)
Download 155,6 MB (one-klick-hoster)
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