Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

V.A. - Halotan Records Sampler 08

Artist -  V.A.
Album -  Halotan Records Sampler 08
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Dark Electro / Industrial / Aggrotech
Land -  Polen

dieses ist mitlerweile der 8te erfolgreiche sampler des polnischen dark electro, aggrotech, electro-industrial and gothic labels. welches eine kleinen querschnit durch das programm des labels bietet.

"dark electronic compilation showcasing hard and aggressive side of the dark independent scene. sampler 08 is full of club oriented songs that will keep the underground dancefloors full effortlessly. so, if you are a dj you will certainly find at least a couple of songs worth adding to your sets.

those always hungry to find new dark electronic sounds will find a proper fix of sounds filled with hard beats, distorted vocals and harsh synth goodness."

alle cd´s bzw. alben gibs bei denn label als gratis download, oder kann für sehr kleines geld bestellt werden.

01. Sthilmann - Throw It Out (From The HDD)
02. Dedicated Hardware - Without Clarity
03. A[D]N + Reaxion Guerrilla - Church decay (Disorder Faith Remix)
04. A7ie - Made Of Wrath
05. 13th Angel - Purgatory (feat. Cold Therapy)
06. Cold Therapy - In Excelsis
07. H.EXE - Underground
08. Child From The Crypt - Walking The Road Of Thorns
09. Nie - Friend
10. Impurfekt - Nightmares
11. Audiocentesis - Beyond Hatred
12. FF.AA - Aparato De Tortura
13. Warsickle - Invasion
14. Necroceptor - Insanity

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