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Ion Plasma Incineration - Hard SF Soundtracks : Dragon's Egg EP

Artist - Ion Plasma Incineration
Album - Hard SF Soundtracks : Dragon's Egg EP
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Instrumental / Elektro Industrial
Land - England

ion plasma incineration ist ein englisches elektro-industrial projekt welches 2010 gegründet wurde.

"ipi is an english electro-industrial/aggrotech act formed in 2010 combining high-tech sounding soundscapes, icey cold melodies, acid aggression, hardcore vocals, breakbeats and themes inspired by hard science-fiction writers such as stephen baxter and olaf stapledon.
side projects of ipi range from acid-techno/goa (frogoutside), death-'robot music, drum n' bass and more! "

"ipi continues it's space-age sound with the first of it's instrumental soundtracks to classic hard sf novels, starting with robert l forward's amazing "dragon's egg"."

auf seiner bandcamp-seite gibt es diesen spacigen soundtrack als kostenlosen download.

01. Path Of The cheela (Dragon's Egg Part 1) 04:40
02. Neutron Star lifeforms (Dragon's Egg Part 2) 04:46
03. Rise Of The Cheela (Dragon's Egg Part 3) 04:48
04. The Weight Of Stars (Dragon's Egg Part 4) 04:48
05. Time Perceptions (Dragon's Egg Part 5) 05:36
06. Nano Second Empires (Dragon's Egg Part 6) 02:41
07. Star Quake (Dragon's Egg Part 7) 05:42

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