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Acid Fairy - M▲LK▼TH

Artist - Acid Fairy
Album - M▲LK▼TH
Jahr - 2016
Genre - Industrial / Electropunk
Land - USA

acid fairy ist eine fresno, usa. und wurde im august 2011 von tanner acid gegründet.
seine musik bezeichnet er als eine mischung aus grunge und electronic styles.

o-ton album:
"a  single or mini album take it or leave it either way featured from the full length album coming out aug 8 2016 . a day before the front mans birthday.
"m▲lk▼th" is sorta its own album with tracks possibly being featured on the album . in this audio mayhem acidfairy takes the listener into an esoteric stripping of insanity , bringing the "divine child -to life)"
" if god had bpd this is what his band would sound like. i almost didn't release it bc i thought the songs where so good i was nervous about not releasing the album bc of this release. i feel though that the world has a demand for acidfairy even if it dosent know it . i was like necromancy stat !"
the songs greatly inspired from descents within social decaying infrastructure. remnants of acidfairy's past lingers within the tracks . as long as its destiny .
"i am honestly bored with the music i grew up listening too , i wanted to make the music i wish existed . and now with today's technology i not need any band mates nor guitars. (acidfairy's guitar broke some time last year ). though i could never shake off the rock . so i was like fuck it , lets make a witch punk baby ."
samples of guitars takes from the previous album linger as ambience and the end of the collective the bass is brutalized leaving the listener in awe to be tormented by 4 brutal remixes of m▲lk▼th by acts such as morgve , x-mort▲l ,bleak star(currently dethcoat) , and pixxxe ."

auf seiner bandcamp-seite gibt es die ep als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt.

01. M▲LK▼TH 03:34
02. ▼Ω۞ 04:01
03. $O▼L$ 03:17
04. B€▲†IF▼L D€▲†H 03:51
05. NI†E$†▲LK3R 03:28
07. M▲LK▼TH(PIXxXIE REMIX) 04:23
08. M▲LK▼TH(X-MORT▲L REMIX) 03:52

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