Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Dr. Death + Mr. Vile - Trichotomy - Part I: Код Белый Кролик

Artist - Dr. Death + Mr. Vile
Album - Trichotomy - Part I: Код Белый Кролик
Jahr - 2017
Genre - Electro / Gothic
Land -  USA

das zweiteiliger kraftpaket dr. death + mr. vile aus denver colorado, ist bestimmt schon vielen hier bekannt. wie immer gibt es auch dieses jahr ihr halloween spezell als gratis download.
sie mischen dunkle synth pop mit subtilen 80er jahre overtone musik.

o-ton ep:
"We set out to create a brand new world in a trilogy of albums. Its first entry, "Код Белый Кролик" is heavily influenced by the shady world of politics and the puppets whose strings hang the poor and minority classes in the USA. We are not normally a band to form heavy political or social opinions ... or at least not lay them on thick, but we figured we would try our hand at an opinion piece. Differences of opinions are what make this world a beautiful place. It is through expression and art that we are able to share these opinions with each other. We ask as a listener that you take the words in these songs for what they are: simply an opinion. We had some things to get off our chest and wanted to use the platform we were most comfortable with. We don't expect everyone to agree with us, but we hope you enjoy the music and the vibe put forth on this, part 1 of 3. Happy Listening"

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es nun den ersten teil der triologie, wie all ihre anderen alben und ep´s wie immer als free-download.

01. The Lovely Bombs 04:13
02. 4 Years Of Winter (All Fall Down) 03:47
03. Back Where I Need You 04:55
04. Sp00ks 04:20
05. The Rat 04:41

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