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V.A. - Blood Pack Vol. 5

Artist -  V.A.
Album -  Blood Pack Vol. 5
Jahr - 2017
Genre -  Electro / Industrial / Gothic / Metal
Land -  England

intravenous magazine (ivm) ist ein aus england stammendes web basierendes no profit magazine welches seit 2013 online ist.

"intravenous magazine (ivm) is a new not-for-profit web-based dark music / culture publication whose aim is to provide you with your daily dose of darkness...
we aim to cover a broad spectrum of subjects including music, as well as literature, movies and art with a dark twist."

"The fifth free compilation album from Intravenous Magazine (www.intravenousmag.co.uk) to mark our third birthday as a webzine. Featuring the likes of Angelspit, The Gothsicles, Deadfilmstar, Sounds Like Winter, Noir, Hardcore Pong, Cynical Existence, Veil of Thorns, Cold Therapy, and Chiron, plus many more exclusive and unreleased tracks from international gothic, industrial and electronic bands."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es diese coole zusammenstellung als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen. alles geld wird an die dkms gespendet.
"Please note: We have now switched over to a Name Your Own Price model from now on - Don't worry, we're not charging you for a free download (that would be stupid!) - instead we're asking you to make a donation of just £1 which we will then be donating *DKMS UK (www.dkms.org.uk) a charity that is helping to fight blood cancer.
If you don't want to donate, that is absolutely fine as well. We just saw this as an opportunity to something good.
*We are not an official partner of DKMS, but we will be periodically donating the proceeds of this download compilation to them."

01. Angelspit - Great Bank (Intravenous Mix) 03:39
02. The Gothsicles - Cold Front (Gost Remix) 03:30
03. Chaos Research - The Key 04:53
04. Deadfilmstar - Soiled, Spoilt & Somewhat Flawed 04:24
05. Sounds Like Winter - Television Dream 03:54
06. Noir - The Burning Bridge (Canter Remix) 04:16
07. Hardcore Pong - The Ballad Of Jacob Lee (Intravenous Mix) 04:00
08. Damsel In the Dollhouse - Black And Blue 04:46
09. The Static Architect - Rewired 03:50
10. Insect Plasma - A Trip Beyond The Flesh (Industrial Remix) 04:05
11. Cynical Existence - Static (Medium Remix by AlienNation) 03:26
12. Veil Of Thorns - Sacred Offering 04:56
13. Non-Bio - Spirit Motivation 04:25
14. Planetdamage - Vex 05:20
15. Moi Saint - Reptile 03:48
16. May May Graves - Monster (Intravenous Mix) 03:48
17. Acclimate V.1 - Good Evening 08:54
18. Winterhart - Atlantis (Miel Noir Remix) 03:56
19. Cold Therapy - Through The Night 03:31
20. Vlimmer - Intravenös 04:16
21. Chiron - A Voice 04:49
22. Tonttu - Palava Rakkaus 04:15
23. Lorelei Dreaming - At The Edge Of The World (Intravenous Mix) 04:02
24. The State - Ever Of Late (Acoustic) 04:14

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