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V.A. - Another Year Not Dead

Artist - V.A.
Album - Another Year Not Dead
Jahr - 2018
Genre - Dark Elektro / EBM / Industrial
Land - Schweden

Brutal Resonance ist ein aus göteborg, schweden stammendes e-zine welches ihren focus auf ebm, electro, industrial und gothic hat und ist seit april 2009 online.

o-ton album:
"It was last year in June that we released our second compilation simply titled "June 2017". The goal was to release monthly compilations for free to help support independent bands and get their name out there. This was a bit of a crazy idea at first as we were not sure we would be able to get enough tracks per month to keep this trend going. But, through the enthusiasm of both our community and the bands involved, we have successfully released compilation after compilation, month after month for the past year.

Thus marks our one year anniversary and our latest compilation "Another Year Not Dead". This is only special in the sense that it is a bit of an anniversary celebration, but the compilation still sticks true to roots showcasing twenty-four individual acts from the international industrial, EBM, Goth, Synthwave, Darkwave, noise, and so many more scenes.

As always, the album is free with the option to donate! "

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das hammer teil als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen.

01. conspiracy coven - Indestructible 02:48
02. Decent News - Osmium (Apology Mix) 04:33
03. Starscape Crusade - Asteroid Assault 01:49
04. We Are The Line - Untold Story 04:44
05. Suboculis - That What Follows 02:58
06. Missing Witness - Perfection 05:00
07. Ferus Melek - Dune Riders 03:54
08. Komrads - Control 03:09
09. I Ya Toyah - Code Blue 04:02
10. LVXPSS - King Kong 03:54
11. Jason Alacrity - LEGION 03:24
12. Dimi Kaye - Cornered (Feat. Theofilos Avramidis) 03:27
13. Caustic Grip - Burn 06:43
14. Strehmann - Auf, auf! 05:21
15. Monovibes - Dejected 04:26
16. Darkrad - Night Within Us 03:07
17. Spherical Disrupted - Through Homunculus Nebula 06:44
18. nurs - me vs u 01:59
19. War Anyway - Private Carpenter 04:13
20. Videogram and Andrew Claristide - The Demogorgon 04:56
21. Programmable Animal - Fuck With Me 03:27
22. Microwaved - The Enemy God (Feat. Daveoramma Seven) 03:18
23. Silver Walks - Timebomb (v2) 04:49
24. shhh... - Collapse Dream 04:09

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