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V.A. - Undead And Open​-​Minded: Volume 4

Artist - V.A.
Album - Undead And Open-Minded Volume 4
Jahr - 2018
Genre - Elektro Rock / Synthpop / Futurepop
Land - Deutschland

dieses ist nun die vierte compilation des deutschen, 2010 gegründeten magazin "Elektrozombie".

"Volume 4 is supported by 3 cats

We have received more than 100 compilation entries since the last release. And yes, I must give in that we are really ‘picky’ in choosing tracks for the official Electrozombies compilation. Our quality standards are very high, but we want to present to our esteemed and loyal audience only the best newcomers and other local heroes in black.

On our well established and popular compilation features also some big scene bands. We are especially happy about the entry of ‘Angelspit‘. ‘Zoog von Rock’ is really one of the coolest socks I know. If you haven’t already done so, you should listen to the current album ‘Black Dog Bite‘. That was produced with three cats on the lap! And they have been fighting all the time!

Also, the Belgian act Psy’Aviah is back at the start, which has already participated in the very first Electrozombies compilation. With his track ‘Plan B (Feat. Kyoko Baertsoen)’ from the current album ‘Lightflare’, he is right at the top of the tracklist. The New York Electrorock band "Third Realm" is also represented on the compilation and provides the necessary power.

But these are just a few highlights on the latest 'Undead And Open Minded: Volume 4' compilation. The majority is as usual melancholic Synthpop and gloomy Darkwave and everything genre technically in between."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das hammer album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen.

01. Angelspit - Great Bank In The Sky 03:49
02. Frozen Nation - Alone In Berlin 04:12
03. Distant Stars - Indulge 04:23
04. Black Fun Surgery - Plastic 04:25
05. Sine City - Gone With The Wind 05:10
06. Sonic Reunion - Seven Summits 04:17
07. Palais Ideal - Invisible Eye 03:54
08. Tactile Frequency - Bad As You (Dirty Mix) 03:55
09. Maneuver Maneuver - Locked Out 03:46
10. Psy'Aviah - Plan B (Feat. Kyoko Baertsoen) 03:42
11. Third Realm - Dance Like You Wanna Die 04:18
12. Archsymbol - Satellite 03:37
13. Daniel Hall - Addicted To Your Love 04:10
14. Berlyn Trilogy - Domus Aurea 04:41
15. Perpacity - Telethon 04:13
16. Orpheus In Red Velvet - Baleful 05:03
17. I, Symptom - - Being Friendzoned (Clayfeet's Not Too Nice Mix) 04:42
18. milan - Sight For Sore Eyes 04:09
19. seaofsin - Tonight (Single Edit) 03:32
20. Damsel In The Dollhouse - Vamp On The Dancefloor 04:49
21. Pocket Knife Army - Forever Counting Sheep 04:59
22. Darwinmcd - Click (Feat. Eric C. Powell) 04:36
23. Esselbon - The Sign Of Time 04:43
24. Life On Mars - Forward Rewind 03:36
25. Convulsia Darklove - This Night's So Weak 04:03
26. Glyda - Set My Soul Free 04:06
27. Die Robot - Beautiful Skin 05:28
28. Subliminal Code - Lost In The Loneliness v2 05:08
29. London Sadness - Goodbye 04:51

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