Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Bellum Gothicum Orchestra - Tales from the Forest of Oblivion

Artist -  Bellum Gothicum Orchestra
Album -  Tales from the Forest of Oblivion
Jahr - 2011
Genre - Gothic / Electro / Ambient
Land -  Serbien

Bellum Gothicum Orchestra bezeichnen sich selbst als Gothic Ambienatal Electronic Rock Project, bestehend aus Nenad Antanasijevich ANTANAS (Komponist, Produzent, Keyboards, Gitarren und alle perccussions), Katarina Vukovic (Lead-und Backing Vocals, Lyrics) und Kristina Vukovic (Lead-und Backing Vocals, Lyrics).
"Tales from the Forest of Oblivion" ist ihr erstes Album, Lebenszeichen.

01. Big Bang
02. We Are Coming
03. The Creatures
04. Face A Crime
05. Time Is Ticking Away
06. Mistake
07. Stop For A While
08. Angeles Del Amor
09. Amor Vincit
10. The Time Has Come
11. With A Sent Of Joy
12. We Are Building Monument
13. Beautiful Planet
14. Pachamama

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