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V.A. - Matrix Downloaded 006

Artist -  V.A.
Album -  Matrix Downloaded 006
Jahr - 2016
Genre - Industrial / Elektro / EBM / Gothic / Synthpop
Land -  Belgien

dieses ist mitlerweile der 5te free-sampler des belgischen lables alfa marix, und bietet passend zur weihnachtszeit 61 songs aus ihren programm, aus den bereichen ebm, synth pop, industrial, electronic, indie rock, electronic, dark elektro, avant-garde, goth metal, wave.

"With the 6th edition of the now classic FREE "Matrix Downloaded" label digital compilation, Belgium's ALFA MATRIX label prepared the perfect eclectic alternative music soundtrack for your end of year Season Holiday.

Again a prefect pre-X-Mas present for all of us with a selection of 45 songs nicely representing the label’s most recent singles and albums while giving a preview of some promising forthcoming 2017 productions including new releases by ALIEN VAMPIRES, POUPPEE FABRIKK, METROLAND, THE PSYCHIC FORCE, KANT KINO, MONDTRÄUME, NEIKKA RPM, AIBOFORCEN, SIN.SIN, ELEKTROKLÄNGE, LLUMEN, DIFFUZION, COSMIC ARMCHAIR, etc. as well as from the label’s recent recruits the unique German EBM duo AD:KEY and IMJUDAS (the new synthwave pop-rock project of HELALYN FLOWERS’ Maxx).

A 200 minute-plus compilation that reflects the label’s music repertoire and impressive artist roster in the full-force of its diversity also reminding us that ALFA MATRIX is one of the very few indie electro labels who still dare to scout new talents and to inject new blood into the scene while others would definitely choose to sleep on their laurels while focusing on their sure values of established bands.

Absolutely the perfect way for ALFA MATRIX to close their 15th year of existence – some 15 years of non-stop heavy sonic propaganda on the underground electronic music front with their impressive army of artists! The ultimate collection of scene famous and established artists featured next to rising new talents and stunning new discoveries… Since 2001, ALFA MATRIX has been offering to you electronic music with attitude… EBM, synth pop, industrial, electronic, indie rock, nu electro, dark elektro, avant-garde, goth metal, wave, techno house: you get it all!

This FREE (or pay as you wish) compilation is once again downloadable in MP3/FLAC quality via the label's successful Bandcamp page (where you can also still find the 5 previous editions in case you were trapped in another universe for the last few years and did not catch these yet!!). "

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es auch wieder diesen hammer sampler als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen und nach eingabe eurer e-mail-adresse wird euch der download-link zu gesendet.

1. ENTRZELLE - Secondary To My Love 04:40
2. SUICIDAL ROMANCE feat. Felix Marc - Ecstatic (CutOff Sky Mix) 05:57
3. After The Break-Up (Exosun Mix) 06:42
4. AESTHETISCHE feat. Mari Kattman - We Follow Blindly (Progressive Mix) 06:15
5. DIFFUZION - Still Believe (Aesthetische Mix) 04:21
6. IMPLANT - The City (Aesthetische Mix) 05:20
7. THE PSYCHIC FORCE - Blowback 04:27
8. DREAM RECALL - In Control (C-Lekktor Remix) 04:32
9. SIVA SIX - To The Light 04:25
10. CIRCUITO CERRADO - 8 Bit Bitch (Centhron Mix) 03:19
11. ACYLUM - Venom 04:10
12. NEIKKA RPM - Battle Scars (CutOff Sky Mix) 04:31
13. ALIEN VAMPIRES - Going To Hell (Hezzel Mix) 05:16
14. NÖVÖ - The Shortwaves (Commuter Mix) 04:28
15. JUNKSISTA - Trust No Bitch 04:13
16. MILDREDA - This Time 04:56
17. ELM - Wapenrustning (New School Mix) 02:50
18. AD:KEY - Kurz Und Schmerzlos (Shorter) 03:14
19. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE - (Remote) Control (Implant Mix) 04:00
20. TECHNOIR - Human Shapes 04:05
21. KANT KINO - Real 04:03
22. STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER feat. AVARICE IN AUDIO - Hurting 05:34
23. AIBOFORCEN feat. Mari Kattman - Tears (Radio Edit) 03:57
24. SIN.SIN - Moving Sands 03:50
25. ELEKTROKLÄNGE - Mekanikarudansu (Edit) 03:28
26. AYRIA - Underneath The Water (Sebastian Komor Mix) 04:34
27. COSMIC ARMCHAIR - Conversation 03:40
28. METROLAND - Brother (Restriction 9 Mix) 03:37
29. AVARICE IN AUDIO feat. MONDTRÄUME - Crystal Tears 04:12
30. MONDTRÄUME - Still Beating (Ruined Conflict Mix) 06:52
31. IMJUDAS - People Of The Blame (Alfa Edit) 05:29
32. I:SCINTILLA - Worth The Wait 04:31
33. STAR INDUSTRY - Eilyne 03:29
34. ZOMBIE GIRL - Killer Queen (Hell:Sector Mix) 04:34
35. POUPPEE FABRIKK - Rot (Frater P Version) 03:26
36. AENGELDUST - Suicide Bomber 03:31
37. TOTEM OBSCURA - Eisenman (Short Cut) 04:14
38. VENAL FLESH - Insurrection (The Apostate II) 05:19
39. LLUMEN - Lux Aeterna (Simon Carter’s Breaks Mix) 05:03
40. SCHWARZBLUT - Vogala 03:21
41. HELALYN FLOWERS - Synthetic Paranoia (Altered By Venal Flesh) 05:24
42. PROZIUM - Set !t 0ff 04:23
43. XMH - Dream 04:15
44. MENTALLO & THE FIXER - Grim Reality 08:18
45. PSY’AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen - Alcubierre Drive (Diskonnekted Vs. J Wolf Mix) 09:28

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