Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

The Rain and the Sidewalk - Stuck EP

Artist - The Rain and the Sidewalk
Album - Stuck EP
Jahr - 2011
Genre - Post Punk / Darkwave
Land - Kanada

the rain and the sidewalk ist eine post-post-punk art-pop band aus vancover,kanada.

"this is the fourth release from the rain and the sidewalk, a postpunk/darkwave/indie project begun by trevor michael thompson. the ep has charted on various college radio stations this year, including citr-fm vancouver (#2), cjsw calgary (#14) plus cfbx in kamloops and cfrc in kingston and #174 on the national top 200.
'stuck' features shannon hallett on vocals and trevor on everything else. these are new recordings of previously released songs, plus two covers. all four are fan favourites from the recent live shows, and this ep is for them, and for new listeners as well!"

auf der soundcloud-seite von play grrrabbit productions, gib es die ep als einzeldownload.

01. It's Time to Go (The Organ cover)
02. Hollow
03. Army Dreamers (Kate Bush cover)
04. Slow Motion Shattering

Listen/ Download-Seite

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