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V.A. - BBCom Music - EMC​-​15 volume 1

Artist - V.A.
Album - BBCom Music - EMC​-​15 volume 1
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Electro / Synthpop / EBM
Land - Deutschland

bbcom music (blinky blinky coputerband music) ist ein diy noncomercial lable aus braunschweig, deutschland.

"“emc-15″ is a new series of no-budget and non-profit promotion compilations from bbcom music. the term “emc” stands for “electronic music compilation” and describes the genre of the compilation, but there is no specific style of electronic music featured on the compilations. you can find all styles like synthpop, ebm, industrial, dance, techno, idm, ambient, experimental, and more on it. and yes, there should be guitars on it, if they were used in an electronic environment! the “15″ stands for the number of artists on each compilation. there will be exactly fifteen tracks from fifteen artists on it. no more or less!
most of the artists are unknown or “famous” only to a small group of people, but this is the reason for emc-15! this compilation series tries to make the artists known to a bigger audience and this is, why it is available for free or, if not otherwise possible, for a cheap price! sure, you can “pay what you want” via bandcamp or buy it via one of the major download shops to support us, but it is more important, that lots of people listen to the music! “emc-15″ will also be available through spotify and other streaming services. this way, you can listen to it and support us with every heard track!

if you are an electronic music artist and you like to be on one of the next parts of “emc-15″, please write a (short) mail to bbcom music, with your name, your artist or group name and a link to your homepage or facebook page. sure you can send music, but please send a small mp3 or a download link and please be patient while waiting for an answer. "

auf der bandcamp-seite des lables bbcom gibt es diesen sampler als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt.

01. MC1R - The Beginning 02:13
02. In Good Faith - Hit Me Hard 03:43
03. statiCViolence - Stolz 04:12
04. Elektromann (Tanzflächenmischung) 06:26
05. Cellular Circuit - Clocks 04:54
06. Perma F - Patient Dagger (Raw Mix) 03:54
07. Evoque - Nightvision 05:32
08. Nick Jonath - Neuzeit 03:47
09. Ethan Silk - Inherit The Wind (EMC-15 Edit) 04:38
10. T.I.L.A.N. - The Origin Of Machines 04:13
11. Inside Agitator - Crystal Eyes (Instrumental Live Edit) 03:58
12. S.E.T.S. Industry - The Inner Scar 05:52
13. Mystery Of Dawn - Evolution 04:16
14. Imperial Violence - Ephemeral (Instrumental Edit) 03:05
15. Cortin - Zerrüttung der Ordnung 02:17

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