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The EverDead - Slumber Party Massacre II [Redux]

Artist - The EverDead
Album - Slumber Party Massacre II [Redux]
Jahr - 2003
Genre - Horrorpunk / Deathrock
Land - USA

The EverDead ist eine 2000 gegründette den horror stiel verfallene amerikanische rock band, bestehend aus adam dravian (gesang), sam bones (gitarre), bobby baron (bass), michael mortis (keyboards) und bludlux (drums).

"formed in the spring of 2000, the everdead emerged upon the streets of grand rapids, michigan with the desire to make rad music in a local scene dominated by lame nu-metal, pop punk, and christian hardcore bands. the everdead forged a sound that drew influence from various branches of the rock genre (metal, punk, goth, rockabilly, surf, etc.).

due to frequent lineup changes (only dravian and the baron remained constant members) and their refusal to join in the circle jerk that was the local scene, the everdead played live sporadically. despite these setbacks, they still managed to forge a name for themselves within the international horror rock scene that was burgeoning on the internet in the early 2000s, joining the ranks of like-minded bands such as cancerslug, blitzkid, mister monster, and calabrese."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das album als free-download.

01. Eerie Bones of the Macabre (Intro) 00:46
02. Human Prey 01:18
03. The Evil Dead 01:53
04. Bad Billy (Interlude) 00:17
05. Cut You Up 02:05
06. Ballad of a Teenage Zombie 02:53
07. Whore Chat (Interlude) 00:40
08. Slumber Party Massacre 02:14
09. The Monks of Giznad (Outro) 00:51
10. The Ageless Stranger (2003 Version) [Bonus Track] 02:28
11. Raining Blood Tonight (2003 Version) [Bonus Track] 02:22
12. Switchblade Life (Live Feb. 15, 2003) [Bonus Track] 03:17

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