Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Binaural Silence - A Cure for the Unknown

Artist - Binaural Silence
Album - A Cure for the Unknown
Jahr - 2014
Genre - EBM / Industrial
Land - Italien

Binaural Silence ist eine aus italien stammendes one-man elektro, ebm, industrial projekt. Binaural Silence wurde von ravenom ( Songwriting & Production) gegründet, eins seiner nebenprojekte ist noch negative.xs.

o-ton album:
"the original album where everything started. 
"a cure for the unknown" has been the first step of binaural silence, featuring the first compositions ever produced for the project. 
not the best level of mixing, i admit, but it has been always a first step so it's very important for me. 
originally released on december 2014, in may 2015 the entire mini-album has been evolved into "a new cure for the unknown", featuring all revisited version of the songs featured on this original first step, plus more tracks that were been excluded from the selection of "a cure for the unknown". 
but this one is the "point zero" of binaural silence. 
and always it will remain."

01. I (Bleed for Nothing) 02:14
02. God 06:13
03. L.U.A. (Life Under Acid) 04:03
04. Play my Role 04:36
05. (Idio)Technology 02:35
06. A Silent Cure for the Unknown 05:53
07. Slavedrome (BANDCAMP Exclusive Track) 03:58

Download 60,5 MB (one-klick-hoster)

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