Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Negative XS - Hellucinhate

Artist - Negative XS
Album - Hellucinhate
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Harsh EBM / Aggrotech
Land - Italien

Negative XS ist ein aggrotech/terror ebm side-project von ravenom (binaural silence)

""hellucinhate", and of course negative xs, is just a music project and not more.
i don't own any knife, guns or bombs into my studio (!), just a small punch of stringed instruments & synthesizers.... take it like a "vent valve", not as an excuse to kill someone or something uahahahah!
music is made just for fun and entertainment...."

01. Backstabbers Must Die!
02. Eat Shit, Drink Venom! (Original Mix)
03. Fear of God
04. Depthcore (Original Mix)
05. Depthcore (Club Remix 2015)

Download 52,7 MB (one-klick-hoster)

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