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C2 - QUADRANTS: the stories of four

Artist - C2
Album - QUADRANTS: the stories of four
Jahr - 2013
Genre - Industrial / Rhythmic Noise
Land - Neuseeland

C2 ist eine aus neuseeland stammendes ist ein aggressives elektronik musikprojekt welches ihren sounds und strukturen aus rhythmic industrial, ebm, drum n bass und ambient noisescapes miteinander verflechtet.

"urged to seek short-term physical gratification as pain relief, stuck in cycles of pain, we replicate pain as pain relief. we all have our sirens.

are you a bystander, a cause or a solution? what happens when the unknown becomes constant and the hyper awareness becomes truly horrible. the stories of four explores the cloudy line between memory, premonition and action through a state of being that does not allow clarity but does allow us to be haunted by the simplest things or the most complex. a number, a noise, or the occasional spark of humanity linking us to our brothers and sisters in solidarity or torture, whether overt or complacent...

some doors you open, some are slammed in your face, others you are pushed through. which do you choose? welcome to the four."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen und nach eingabe eurer e-mail-adresse wird euch der download-link zu gesendet.

01. scream in the mirror (free) 04:22
02. everything dies 05:24
03. suffering 03:30
04. four on the floor 04:00
05. hit and run [part 1] 02:32
06. red noise [part 1] 03:08
07. racing heart 05:40
08. broken reception 03:14
09. open sores 02:58
10. the city 03:50
11. portals 03:06
12. open the door [part 1] 04:02
13. hit and run [part 2] 04:36
14. red noise [part 2] 04:38
15. scream in the broken mirror 03:48
16. open the door [part 2] 03:15

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