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Rabbit Junk - Singles from the Lost Years 2011​-​2013

Artist - Rabbit Junk
Album - Singles from the Lost Years 2011​-​2013
Jahr - 2016
Genre - Industrial / Alternativ
Land -  USA

rabbit junk wurde von jp anderson 2004 in seattle gegründeteine.
jp anderson war ehemals der sänger der gruppe the shizit die elemente aus digital hardcore, drum & bass, punk, metal, hip-hop und electroclash kombinierten, bzw jp anderson betittelte seine musik als „hardclash“ mit den letzten werken veränderte sich der stil von rabbit junk in richtung alternative- bzw. nu metal.

o-ton album:
"singles from the lost years 2011-2013 is a compilation of rabbit junk singles and b-sides that never got the traction we think they deserve. everything has been remastered to deliver a more seamless listening experience between the older and the newer - these tracks come to you as the artist intended. they show rabbit junk's transitions from a more traditional rock setup to a predominantly electronic interpretation of rj's signature experimentation with genre-mashing. of special interest to the stoner-gamer are the 3 instrumental tracks, including the never before released instrumental version of break shins to this. these instrumentals illuminate the nuance and detail that can often be obscured by vocals. as a bonus track, we have included a remaster of from the ashes, the first track produced by jp after the death of his sister from cancer in 2013 - this shit is for real, feel it. "art is authenticated by suffering"."

auf der bandcamp-seite des lables glitch mode recordings gibt es diese hammergeile zusammenstellung älterer songs als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung da lassen.

01. Break Shins to This [remaster] 02:48
02. What Doesn't Kill You Will Make You a Killer [remaster] 04:24
03. Bubble [remaster] 04:00
04. Boy With the Sun in His Eyes [remaster] 06:20
05. Own Up [Remaster] 04:08
06. Lucid Summations [remaster] 05:42
07. Break Shins to This [instrumental] 02:48
08. Boy With the Sun in His Eyes [instrumental remaster] 06:20
09. Bubble Alternative Version [remaster] 04:30
10. Own Up [instrumental remaster] 04:08
11. From the Ashes [remaster] 04:02

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