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Dexist - Demo

Artist - Dexist
Album - Demo
Jahr - 2013
Genre - Post Punk / New Wave
Land - Spanien

dexist ist eine post punk, alternative band aus barcelona, spanien.
die band besteht aus dispël (gesang), javier palacios (gitarre), àlex almarza (bass) und j.lorenzo (drums) und wurde im oktober 2012 gegründet.

das vorliegende demo wurde im oktober 2013 im kassettenformat beim spanischen lable ultra local records in barcelona veröffentlicht und war ihre erste demo-veröffentlichung.

o-ton band:
"dexist as a result of the musical restlessness of the vocalist dispël , and his friend and guitarist javier palacios. both had in mind to start a band with the idea of entering into pasts and dark sounds, without forget the innovation.

after several rehearsal months and do some gigs, bring to light in october 2013 his first demo which will be released in cassette format by barcelona label ultra-local records; thing that made the published in various spanish national media, international media (in countries like usa, england, mexico, slovenia, colombia, chile ...), and that they look like a band to be reckoned with.

the year 2014 started with lineup changes, with j.lorenzo on drums and àlex almarza on bass; that made step forward in composing songs and in their live shows.. this change will be reflected in "local prime time", the new album of the band, six fresh air songs, produced in ad libitum records in summer 2014, and that are a twist on the progress of the quartet. graceful sounds that emerge from the shadows, intensity and energy, feelings and sadness...a own musical style that give plenty to talk. the band hopes to continue this rhythm and consolidate themselves in european scene."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es ihr vielversprechendes demo als free-download.

01. Those Years 03:01
02. Your Race 03:31
03. Circle 04:02
04. This Night Will Be Great 04:08

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