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V.A. - WTII Records 2014 Free Digital Sampler

Artist - V.A.
Album - WTII Records 2014 Free Digital Sampler
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Electro / Darkwave / Synthpop / Industrial / EBM / Indie
Land - USA

wtii records ist ein chicago, illinois, usa stammendes independent record label das 2001 von den ehemaligen waxtrax! mitarbeitern, bart pfanenstiel und seinem freund david schock gegründet wurde.

der vorliegende sampler ist ihre hunderste veröffentlichung und um diesen meilenstein gebührend zu feiern schmissen sie diesen gratis-sampler auf den markt als promo für ihre alten und neuen veröffentlichungen. der sampler bietet einen guten querschnitt durch ihr programm.

"this is our 100th release and to celebrate this milestone, i have decided to give back to all those who have supported us over the years and release another free digital sampler. again we have used the sampler to help promote our current and upcoming releases and the 2014 version includes new tracks from deviant uk, frontal boundary, method cell, deathproof, alterred, esa, comasoft, monstrum sepsis and stars crusaders. there are new and unreleased remixes from stromkern, die sektor, smp, state of the union, autoclav1.1, slave unit and mechanical cabaret. unlike years past, i've also included a few nostalgia tracks and hard to find remixes from dead on tv, trigger 10d, pti, attrition, dessau, lowe, blume, the qualia, the thought criminals, the qualia and klutae to make this release special."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es den hammer sampler als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt und nach eingabe eurer e-mail-adresse wird euch der download-link zu gesendet.

01. AlterRed - A Different Face 04:51
02. Comasoft - I Won't Tell if You Don't 03:17
03. Mechanical Cabaret - I Lost My Friend to a Video Game (ZExtended) 06:41
04. Lowe - Breathe In Breathe Out (Extended Version) 06:45
05. Stars Crusaders - Aeterna (Original Version) 05:54
06. The Qualia - Better ( remix) 05:16
07. State of the Union - Stupid Song (Inner Self Mix) 06:25
08. Method Cell - Terminal Velocity 05:09
09. Blume - Western Rust (Interface Remix) 05:23
10. Autoclav1.1 - Black Powder (Featuring Jamie Blacker of ESA) 05:20
11. The Thought Criminals - Electricity 04:06
12. Deviant UK - Cracks Start to Show 06:07
13. Slave Unit - Push [Tamo] 04:33
14. Stromkern - Lights Out (Go Fight Remix) 04:49
15. ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) - 2nd Movement 07:49
16. Deathproof - Bloodrush 02:57
17. Klutae - You Define Me I Destroy You 04:10
18. Frontal Boundary - Recurring Nightmare 04:23
19. PTI - Condemnation (Filament 38 Remix) 04:26
20. Rein[Forced] - Malignancy (VNVPuppymix by Deathproof) 04:13
21. Die Sektor vs FlammPunkt - Beneath (Without a Net Mix) 05:42
22. SMP - Metal Madness (Marble Madness mix by Caustic) 04:16
23. Monstrum Sepsis - Mangka 04:37
24. Trigger 10d - A-List (Chris Randall Remix) 04:27
25. Dessau - Suffer 03:24
26. Dead on TV - Fuck You, I'm Famous (Kind of Big Remix by The Gothsicles) 02:51
27. Attrition - To the Devil (Covered by Beati Mortui) 04:32

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