Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

The Anger Machine - Let fear become anger

Artist - The Anger Machine
Album - Let fear become anger
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Industrial Metal / Elektro Industrial
Land - Argentinien

the anger machine ist ein elektro industrial, industrial metal projekt aus mendoza, argentinien, welches 2010 gegründet wurde und aus vlad feder benny burton und lord bacchus besteht.

auf der soundcloud-seite findet ihr noch weitere songs, bzw coole remixe von ihnen als kostenlose downloads.

"the anger machine was created in 2010 as an unipersonal project of vlad feder, mixing aggrotech with techno-industrial.

in 2011 neko joins, adding synthesizers and live guitar. later, in 2013 neko leaves the anger machine due to work issues.

after the departure of neko, lord bacchus, who was playing in the melodic death metal band "asagods", joins the band on guitars giving more industrial metal sound without leaving deanceable techno rhythms with dark atmospheres. in parallel bejamin darrel, drummer at the punk rock band mal pegados, joins thus defining the current lineup of the band.

the anger machine was born from the need to express social reality around, insecurity, chaos, fear, violence. the machine, embraced by the technological explosion, exposes in a direct, sadistic and dark way the solution: let the fear and submission be transformed into anger. combining a dance force, explosive by moments, guitar distortions and direct messages to the reasoning."

01. Rise
02. Tonight I walk alone to shed blood
03. The Anger Machine
04. A war against my head
05. Haters
06. Transhumanism
07. Pieces
08. Don’t accept it, Attack it!
09. Flags of fear
10. Sickness pleasure
11. Bytes of hate on my DNA
12. Galows

Download 131 MB (one-klick-hoster)

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