Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

Hydrocyanic – Unleashed II

Artist -  Hydrocyanic
Album -  Unleashed II
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Aggrotech / Rhythmic Noise / Industrial
Land -  Finnland

hydrocyanic ist ein  aus pudasjarvi, finnland  stammendes aggrotech / powernoise / tbm-projekt . das projekt wurde 2010 von miko (gründungsmitglied des harsh ebm project beyond witchcraft) gegründet. mit  hydrocyanic verwirklicht er seine "stupid ideas (o-ton)" und verschmilzt rhythmische beats mit einfachen melodien miteinander.

unleashed II ist sein letztes album unter hydrocyanic. sein neues projekt heist cellhavoc.

"hydrocyanic - unleashed II is here, download it! i'm also going to close this project with this release since i'm no longer interested at making "fundustrial" type music. 2010-2014 was a good time but it's time to move on. check out cellhavoc if you want to keep following mu music.
unleashed II consists of 12 tracks that was made in 2012-2014. Some of those are unfinished. should be a fun release if you like hydrocyanic. i wish you all good since I no longer post here anything as hydrocyanic. enjoy this last release."

01. Decendants of the Dragon
02. Rikosten pesä
03. Yamete
04. Butcher
05. Greed
06. Tuturu
07. Ass As Sin (feat. Firage)
08. Genie
09. A New Form of Life
10. The Red Wedding
11. Gomenasai

Download 67,22 MB (one-klick-hoster)

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