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Ion Plasma Incineration - Outer Reality Engine (Free Version)

Artist - Ion Plasma Incineration
Album - Outer Reality Engine (Free Version)
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Aggrotech / Elektro Industrial
Land - England

ion plasma incineration ist ein englisches elektro-industrial projekt welches 2010 gegründet wurde.

"ipi is an english electro-industrial/aggrotech act formed in 2010 combining high-tech sounding soundscapes, icey cold melodies, acid aggression, hardcore vocals, breakbeats and themes inspired by hard science-fiction writers such as stephen baxter and olaf stapledon.
side projects of ipi range from acid-techno/goa (frogoutside), death-'robot music, drum n' bass and more! "

"finally, the followup to 2013's debut album "temporal node impulse". ion plasma incineration's 2nd studio album is the beginning of an exciting new trilogy based around the vast, artificial machine of the albums title, inspired by cutting edge sci-fi legends like olaf stapledon and robert l forward - ipi go further than ever to try and produce well written songs and there is far more emphasis on melody and variation leading to a much more mature sound that is as high tech and intense as it is accessible and memorable. you will find all kinds of inspirations from front line assembly, die sektor and allied vision to will haven and godflesh. this is the free edition of the album - please show your support by downloading this album or buying the extended edition!"

auf seiner bandcamp-seite gibt es diese hammer free verson als kostenlosen download, wer hier nicht zugreift ist selbst schuld.

01. Cold Fusion 05:26
02. Cells Of A New Machine 04:37
03. Apollo Quantum 07:14
04. Miasma Of Fallen Stars 05:02
05. Hyperspace Anomoly 02:36
06. Skies Of Retribution 03:23
07. Reality Shield 03:00
08. Atom Gate 04:26
09. Null Space 02:43
10. Matrix Covenant 04:25
11. Outer Reality Engine 08:13
12. Cypher Lens 02:43
13. Drifting Through The Void 05:03

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