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Waves and Stars - In The Presence Of Ghosts

Artist - Waves and Stars
Album - In The Presence Of Ghosts
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Post Punk / Alternative
Land - USA

waves and stars ist eine amerikanische gothic rock, post punk band aus pennsylvania,

"from the remains of mid 2000s underground gothic rock band farewell to autumn, singer/songwriter jeffrey calvin t. returns with his newest project- waves and stars. a mixture of 80's post punk, gothic rock, shoe gaze, electronic, and 90's alternative grunge rock, waves and stars' music pushes the limits of any one certain genre, taking the listener on a calm, controlled journey that may explode at any given moment. lyrically dealing with the negative aspects of human emotion, something that everyone can relate to, themes of tragedy, loss, and sadness, expand upon the sounds of dark swirling landscapes perfectly."

in the Ppresence of ghosts ist ihr vielversprechendes debüt-album.

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es ihr debüt-album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt.

01. In The Presence Of Ghosts 04:43
02. A Fear Of Heights 07:16
03. Devastation 05:50
04. Seven Names 04:54
05. Soon 03:32
06. Deletion 04:09
07. Haunting The Haunter 04:53
08. Just Out Of Her 04:05
09. Hovering 06:30
10. Transience 04:45

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