Montag, 23. März 2015

Injustrial - Lo​-​Fi is Magic

Artist - Injustrial
Album - Lo​-​Fi is Magic
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Aggrotech / Industrial
Land - Norwegen

"injustrial is what happens when you don't screen the people purchasing your daw.
this single madman finally gave in to the voices in his head and started producing screaming leads, distorted noise and harsh vocals. all themed around the tv-show, my little pony: friendship is magic.
why he chose this road, nobody knows, but there's no denying his dedication to the subject matter."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das coole album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung dalassen.

01. Stand Your Ground 04:30
02. The Day We Die 03:48
03. Shed.MP3 04:09
04. The Devil in Me 05:00
05. Watch in Awe 03:33
06. Obey 04:42
07. Resist Refuse Rebel Arise 05:24
08. Nightmare Night 04:34
09. This Ain't Injustrial - The OC Song AKA KMzV Why is This Dial Named Delay? 01:49
10. This Ain't Injustrial - Dyslexia 02:16

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