Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Thomas Christ - Pathetic Disgrace

Artist -  Thomas Christ
Album - Pathetic Disgrace
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Industrial Rock / Elektro
Land - USA

"thomas christ is my industrial/electronic/rock solo project based in pittsburgh, pa. the music sounds like 90's marilyn manson, with other influences ranging from industrial, 80's new wave and synthpop, 80's metal, 70's rock, goth rock, punk, glam, and more. i do vocals and play all instruments, primarily keyboard and guitar. i started this project in 1999, and have recorded 15 albums."

"pathetic disgrace is the 14th full length lp by thomas christ, completed in late 2014. autobiographical in concept, pathetic disgrace reflects philosophically on major life events and the mental states that accompany them on the way to becoming a 30-something nobody. there is an increased emphasis on sonic textures, atmospherics, and melody on this record, with a focus on arpeggiated lead synths, staccato bass synth, and warm guitar tones. the album uses subtlety more often than sheer power to convey the story to the listener. a more mature effort from thomas christ, but definitely worth checking out!"

auf seiner bandcamp-seite gibt es das album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung dalassen.

01. Pathetic Disgrace 04:10
02. In The Basement 04:51
03. Tragic Bus 05:02
04. Halls of Isolation 04:25
05. Don't Take Me There 04:54
06. Reality Is Dead 04:25
07. Comfort in the Mourning 04:57
08. Private Eye 03:49
09. One Click Away 05:05
10. Taking Me Places 02:55
11. Gone So Far 05:47
12. Melancholia 06:39
13. Judas Face 05:36
14. Staples 03:49
15. I'm a Bore 04:36

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