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Réseau D'Ombres - Ireos

Artist - Réseau D'Ombres
Album - Ireos
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Post Punk / New Wave
Land -  Frankreich

"beyond than merely underground, the french “cold wave” movement of the eighties can be characterized as of a multi- rather than uni-dimensional nature from a sound perspective. in fact, despite that not few were the acts that showed this, reseau d’ombres is perhaps one of the most prominent. in particular, reseau’s sonic explorations not only pinpoint but actually exemplify a sound deviation grounded in both facets of nervous inspiration and inspired nervousness. such an interesting amalgam emerged as the natural consequence of the group’s creativity as well as of the final selection of instruments to shape its exemplary sound (synth, bass and percussion). starting paving their path in 1983 in laval, a city in the western part of france, reseau d’ombres came to the forefront after their members’ endeavors with local acts (e.g., km-55) that were basically synth oriented. a more stylish punk orientation was instantly adopted and the group formulated a series of relevant cold minimal-punk compositions. their first official appearance in 1984 in a festival at the palais des congrès in lorient along with further young acts provided them with a cassette titled “ireos”; a precious document of the band’s live presence in that instance. in all, reseau d’ombres managed to release a few auto-produced tapes as well as one 7” single titled “instant / mirrors” (1985), one 12” single, “axe” (1987) and two lps, sotcha (1985) and faction (1987). finally, the group disbanded in 1988.
after quite a few years of contacts and preparation eirkti has the pleasure of releasing the group’s “ireos” cassette. more precisely, three and a half decades after its original release, this tape’s set of powerful songs resurfaces, readily showing the group’s synth-punk dynamism as well as exceptional performance during the time. twelve absolutely delirious syntheses which overall produce a purely wakeful ambience. indeed, from the vigorous intro provided by the ‘natural gesture’ to the restlessly delivered outro of the ‘external life’, this album simply keeps the listener in a totally energetic state. our only advice: play it loud!"

auf der bandcamp-seite des independent music label, eirkti gibt es das zeitlose album als free-download bzw. als "buy now name your price", tippt einfach 0 ein wenn ihr auf "buy now name your price" klickt oder wer mag darf auch eine kleine spende zur unterstützung dalassen.

01. Natural Gesture 02:45
02. Mercenary 02:54
03. Just For Fun 03:09
04. Instant 03:32
05. Passé 04:07
06. Man Of Wood 04:11
07. The Abstract Call 02:57
08. Happy Song 04:03
09. Folie 04:50
10. The Meal 03:22
11. Over The Sea 03:49
12. External Life 03:58

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