Freitag, 27. März 2015


Album - They Live
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Hardcore / Breakcore
Land - Kanada

out to destroy and rid the world of manufactured music, no brigade devised a plan in 2006 that predicted the demise of the mainstream. armed with technologically advanced blast-beats and a matter-of-fact vocal approach, the two founding members (i no and you no) began infiltrating shows, surprising even the most skeptical of audiences. their live performances proved to be explosive and confrontational, as baffled masses watched on in shock while the band would reach peaks of complete obliteration on stage. jaws remained dropped, eyes stayed open as no brigade would claim the stage as their own and dared anyone who was brave enough to get in their way.

"what do you know, toronto's no brigade got kicked out of hell and are back for their 3rd full length album. loosely based on the 1980's cyberpunk action classic "they live", this continues and refines the nb sound becoming more unique in style and delivery of top notch digital hardcore. raucous and raging, you will consume, obey, sleep & work to this overload of sensory euphorikill."

01. Intro 00:42
02. Stars Explode 02:45
03. VS 03:01
04. The Path Of Most Resistance 02:12
05. Sex Tech 02:03
06. Red Flag 02:40
07. Alien Baby 01:40
08. They Live... They Die 03:00
09. Kicked Out Of Hell 02:14
10. Outro 00:39

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