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Mechanized Warfare - The Ultimate Pleasure EP

Artist - Mechanized Warfare
Album - The Ultimate Pleasure EP
Jahr - 2014
Genre - Aggrotech / Industrial
Land - USA

"mechanized warfare is an industrial/aggrotech/metal music project formed in early 2005 in the washington dc (usa) area as a side project of aaron henderson, who at the time was involved with many bands including: the s&m (aka the social misfits, and a plethora of names the band also went by), random noise, and black gun barrels. the music project currently consists of aaron henderson as the founder and only member.
the original sound of mechanized warfare at the time was a distorted bass played along with a drum machine, and the project was initially well-received in the local communities of silver spring and takoma park, maryland (usa) and this gave the project it's one and only live show at sangha in may 2006. the live show falling place about a month after finishing the production of the 6 song "endless night ep" demo cd.
in the following years, the sound of the project soon evolved to include guitar and vocals. the songs "the turning", "into the dark", and "eternity of hatred" were produced in 2008-2009 with the new sound. the sound at the time was noted to be more guitar driven than previous efforts.
since then, scrapping the old drum machine for a more modern computerized-based production, a proper electronic beat and influences from various electronic genres had been mixed into the way mechanized warfare produced music. the music project is mainly influenced by those artists/musicians in the industrial/aggrotech and hard rock/metal genres. a harshly dark noisy electronic sound as well as the hard rockin' guitarwork and loud distorted vocals give mechanized warfare the unique sound it currently has...."

01. The Masquerade (EP Remaster)
02. Desire Of Ancients (EP Remaster)
03. Enhanced Ecstasy (EP Remaster)
04. Enhanced Ecstasy (Collective Death Remix)
05. No Consequence, No Repercussion
06. Enhanced Ecstasy (Paul PSR Ryder DarkPsy Remix)
07. Enhanced Ecstasy (Industrial Ferret Remix)

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