Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

LSCS - Queen of Winter

Artist - LSCS
Album - Queen of Winter
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Industrial / Elektro
Land - Russland

"iscs is an electronic project of two musicians - luther schneider & zb-cybersatan.

«in this project we’ll bring you darkness and fire, which languish occasionally in everyone. lscs is the instrument of darkness. darkness moves us, whether we run away from it or follow it…»
evgeny suvorov (zb-cybersatan)

«lscs are the puppets, hung down fatefully on the threads of the rotting system, with a clockwork mechanism in their artificial hearts, which will cease its motion in a little while. wax dolls, whose candlewick is fated to burn to the ground, but while it burns we’ll burn your souls, enthralling them into a furious dance of fire…» luter sneider.
musical cooperation started in 2011. members’ vision of the world through the specific prism was the basis. the wish to embody it into an artistic reality laid the foundation of the project...."

01. Kai 03:54
02. Queen of Winter 03:30
03. Kai (Dexessus remix) 04:54
04. Kai (Antilav remix) 04:36
05. Kai (Terrorgazm remix) 04:09
06. Kai (Ambrasive remix) 04:16

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