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ghost in the machine collective - the downward spiral

Artist - ghost in the machine collective
Album - the downward spiral
Jahr - 2015
Genre - Industrial Rock
Land - USA

"ghost in the machine (collective) is an ever expanding audio/visual project featuring musicians and artists from all over the globe."

"over the past 3 years, a group of aging, slightly crazy, mostly thin, but incredibly talented musicians took on the self-imposed and monumental task of covering all of the downward spiral.

in true gitm fashion, the boys (and girl) secretly huddled around a single flame in the back of a purple and yellow hippie van that had broken down in the middle of a forest and began singing. they meticulously sang into anything metal or plastic –mostly an old, white, beat-up microwave with a winger sticker on the start button. although, someone in the collection ended up changing it to say “wet finger” after the first year or so. not everyone was amused.

for 3 years straight, they sang and sang. it was magical. one guy would mouth the guitar parts while another danced behind him with lots of arm motion, for effect and vibe. head ghost, kris smith would then spit the beats all over everything until the microwave was moist with pounding rhythm.

when the 3 year long hippie session had ended they were left with a beautiful and jarring collection of sounds, not too much unlike the original but also very much unlike the original. at first listen, all in attendance instantly experienced a flash back to a ninconcert none of them had never been to. it also flashed back to that one time where that guy swallowed the wet finger sticker trying to tie it in a not with his tongue and choked a little. not every memory can be gold.

in all seriousness, please take a listen. lots of time, sweat, hours, performance, consideration, and time were poured into this project. if nothing else, it left us all with a glimpse of appreciation as to the spirit and fortitude it takes to create and produce a piece like the downward spiral."

auf ihrer bandcamp-seite gibt es das geile cover album als free-download, nach eingabe eurer e-mail-adresse wird euch der download-link zu gesendet.

01. mr self destruct 04:33
02. piggy 04:30
03. heresy 03:54
04. march of the pigs 02:58
05. closer 06:18
06. ruiner 05:19
07. the becoming 05:10
08. i do not want this 05:41
09. big man with a gun 01:36
10. a warm place 03:22
11. eraser 04:53
12. reptile 06:24
13. the downward spiral 04:15
14. hurt 04:29

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